Not red hot anger, so blue
that it freezes you cold and comes with a spinal shiver.
Profound, so you don’t forget.

A bitterness, because the world has yet to deserve

I don’t pray for such emotions to soften and fade but to grow,
expand and rip me open… us open.
How many must break before change happens?

How many rubber bullets to the head,
#AllLivesMatter signs,
forests burned for cheap coffee,
indigenous voices silenced,
unwanted gropes on public trans,
mine toxins cascading into sacred waters,
bats to peaceful backs,
children running late night drugs,
defenders’ lives shamelessly taken,
US weapons of warfare sent

Before we all break
a cold blue?
Before we find a new way to oppress and violate?
Before we step up, stick our necks out
bleeding, torn and angry?