First things first, I should google how to use characters with accents on them. Then the title would be a bit more correct. Here’s to my first post going into my YAGM year in Mexico. Here are some facts:

  • YAGM stands for Young Adults in Global Mission, a volunteer program for people ages 21-29 by the ELCA.
  • I leave for orientation August 19th, and for Mexico on August 26th.
  • I have no idea where I’ll be yet. I’m okay with this since I’m so busy this summer at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp.
  • It’s likely I’ll be serving in Mexico City, one of the top 10 biggest cities in the world.
  • Worried about safety? A wise past YAGMer once said there are 28 million other people LIVING there. That means they’re alive.
  • Not worried about safety and want to visit? Visitors should plan to come after Christmas so I can get past homesickness and really be a part of my new community.
  • Yes, I’ve taken Spanish. No, I’m not fluent (yet 🙂 )
  • Mexico still feels very surreal and far away. But I couldn’t be happier to take the opportunity now and see how a year of service will impact me and my communities.
  • Read more about it on the ELCA page or the YAGM Mexico Facebook page.

Here’s to a year of becoming a more educated and intentional neighbor and global citizen. I still have yet to raise about $3,000 of $4,000. If you would like to partner with me in this ministry by donation or by receiving periodic newsletters, email me at Thoughts, prayers, and conversations in Spanish would be much appreciated. Love to you all.